Property Claims

You pay your premium every year on renewal, so when it comes time to use your insurance it is our priority to ensure that you claim is handled quick, efficiently, and above all else, correctly. For all claims (other than auto) you can report it directly to our office during our business hours.

Your responsibilities after a loss

#1: Be Safe

Take necessary steps to ensure the well-being of you and your family.

Prevent more damage from happening

Take reasonable steps to ensure no further loss to your property, without risking your safety. If you are unsure what reasonable steps are, please contact your broker or an emergency disaster assistance professional.

Document damage

Take photos or videos of the damage before clean-up. Your adjuster will require proof of loss. Keep receipts of any professional service protecting your property from further loss or clean up. If you do any cleanup yourself, keep track of what you did and how long it took for the adjuster.

Store Damaged Property

Don’t throw away any damaged property without your adjuster’s approval. Ensure it is stored in a manner that will not allow for further damage.

Report Your Damage

File a police report if you suspect theft or criminal activity has occurred. Contact us if you have a potential claim, we can offer advice on coverage, claim process, and direction.

After-Hours Contact Numbers

If you have an emergency claim after our business hours, you have the option of contacting your insurance company directly. The contact phone numbers are listed below.

  • Sask Mutual Insurance: 306-539-8630, 306-522-1656, or toll free 1-800-667-3067
  • SGI CANADA: 1-800-647-6448
  • Wawanesa: 1-844-WAWANESA (929-2637)
  • Wynward Insurance Group: 757-1691 or toll free 1-866-223-3318

Emergency Cleanup Companies

If you have suffered a loss (such as water/sewer backup), the priority is to clean up and prevent further loss. Below are a few local restoration companies. Please keep in mind these are independent third party businesses and Smiths' Insurance does not hold any control over their work.

If the loss is such that an emergency restoration company is called, keeping thorough records of the loss progress (photos/receipts/etc.) for your adjuster.

  • Restorex: 522-3350
  • Canada Wide 546-5858
  • Cameo First General: 525-4163
  • ServiceMaster: 525-5886

Auto Claims

If you do not carry a package policy, you can use SGI's dial-a-claim service through any of their locations, or use SGI's eClaim Service by clicking on the icon below. Be sure to have the following with you:

  • Plate number of the vehicle which you are submitting a claim on.
  • Vehicle owner or driver's license number.
  • Info on other vehicles, drivers, and/or witnesses who were involved.
  • If the incident was reported to police, the police file number

If you carry an SGI CANAD Auto Pak: You can provide your policy number to your SGI auto adjuster (by calling one of the SGI claim centres) and they will be able to review with you how your policy coverage will assist with your claim.

If you carry an SMI Extension Auto Policy: Call SMI at 306-653-4232 or toll free 1-800-667-3067 ask to speak to claims dispatcher who will outline the vehicle repair procedure with you, as well as you policy's coverage.

Regina SGI Claims Centres

Saskatchewan SGI Claim Centres

The Regina SGI Claims Centres are listed below, however Saskatchewan Government Insurance operates 21 claims centres throughout the province. Click here for a list of all SGI Claim Centres across the province, their contact information and hours of operation.



Our broker's association has put together a number of resources for preventing water damage to your home, from ice damming to mould. You can view these pdfs provided by Insurance Brokers Association of Saskatchewan